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Passionate Professional: #Data, #Transformation, #FinTech, #VirtualTechSupport Helping to close the Tech gap for the new world in which we live.

I’ve been at this CX thing since early 2014. Having almost seven years of experience in the space with roles including tech, services, and sales, I have developed a perspective on its challenges that only come from seeing the full picture and having a background in corporate turnarounds and enterprise transformations.

If you’ve been reading my articles on enterprise transformation, you already know that many transformation projects fail because people don’t have a clear understanding of what problem they are solving — The “Problem” Problem, and therefore they spin their wheels and many times attempt to solve problems in “emergency…

Regardless of your place in life, patterns, or themes, play an important part in your daily routine. Many of us don’t recognize patterns either large or small. Experiences, interactions, and flow happen to us all day long and we look at these events as separate and distinct with little or no relationship to each other. It is important, however, to be aware of context. Context is relatability and relatability results in patterns. Context is the situation within which something exists or happens.

Context is the situation within which something exists or happens.

Knowing that the world, and business, is made…

In my last article, I introduced this series of articles on why enterprise transformations fail or why corporations can’t and won’t change. In that first article titled “After 30 Years Fixing Doomed Enterprise Projects, This is What I Found”, I outlined what I call The “Problem” Problem or the simple idea that people frequently don’t know what problem they are solving when they set out to solve it, and therefore frequently fail.

As you would imagine, The “Problem” Problem will be the root cause of a lot of issues, but in my career of pattern spotting and righting corporations, there…

I’ve now spent over thirty years in and out of roles that are about fixing what’s broken in global businesses. From Fortune 500s to startups, I’ve seen it all. As I look back over my notes from these experiences, a number of very important things pop out. Patterns, let’s say, that unless you’re standing back and looking for them you don’t see; you don’t see them because you’re standing too close, you need to step back from the daily, tactical grind.

I guarantee many of you that read this article will say “I knew that”. No, no you didn’t know…

Let’s face it, people hate contacting tech support. Whether it’s because of long wait times, bad experiences, going to the Apple store (in the past), or general frustration, people will go OUT of their way to avoid speaking with tech professionals. There are literally hundreds of millions of people that frustratingly plow through tech problems with little or no help, especially if they don’t know or have a relative or friend who is willing to be their support.

It has become apparent to me, in this weird age in which we live, that we’ve gone from relying on technology some…

I was fortunate to attend Blockchain Shift in Miami last week. This event was billed as a one-of-a-kind event in the world of blockchain. Their core mission was to raise awareness and educate the world on the power of this transformative technology.

With regards to the event, it was well done and was packed with discussions of crypto, investing, Hyperledger, and blockchain in general; it was attended by a diverse set of professionals from entrepreneurs like the folks from 8base to large enterprises like Bloomberg. All in, a great event.

What We’re Not Talking About

This article isn’t about Blockchain Shift directly or any other…

Understanding who you’re doing business with, regardless if you’re a financial institution or any business where vetting customers is a requirement, is a truly difficult task.

The identification, verification and recording of data that helps companies understand and gather just the basics of what is required for a long-term, profitable, and stable relationship with your customers is a pain-in-the-ass for you and for your customers; add regulatory requirements to this, repetitive asks and document sharing difficulties, secondary and tertiary markets and the world of global, borderless commerce ushered in through the last few decades and Knowing Your Customer and keeping…

To me, it’s incredibly obvious. To everyone else, not so much.

I’ve been consulting, and writing, on the subject of business design resulting from the distributed ledger economy and blockchain for about three years now. The findings from my work are summarized in articles posted here on LinkedIn and Medium. To put it in one sentence, blockchain will change everything, and most do not understand what that means.

Everything you’ve learned, all that you’re comfortable with as it relates to economic ecosystems, business designs and their impacts on economies is changing, and what you think you know no longer applies.

No Current Business Will Survive

Presumably, you’re not new to the understanding, at least at a high level, of blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) concepts. Blockchain is the underlying technology architecture on which Bitcoin, a worldwide cryptocurrency, and distributed digital payment system, is built. Blockchain has been grabbing headlines for a few years now but has recently achieved a fevered pitch.

A few months ago, I posted an article titled Blockchain (and Emerging Technology) Hype Struggles which, not surprisingly, is still generating a large amount of discussion in the form of agreement, validation, and just plain love. Why am I not surprised? Well, in…

Like an overloaded electric outlet during the holiday season, blockchain and its offspring, cryptocurrency and digital tokens, are the answer to every problem, they are the hammer when every problem is a nail. Blockchain will solve all problems that we have faced in business and technology since beginning of time….not.

Blockchain will solve all problems that we have faced in business and technology since the beginning of time….not.

When to Use Blockchain

In my business, I spend the vast majority of my time helping businesses, business executives and business operational teams design business models that are powered by blockchain; I help them align new…

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